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Custom Jewelry, Mediumship, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Maine Lobster Traps Shipped 















Lapis Necklace, Chryscolla Ring

Order Custom  Jewelry






Maine Lobster Traps




 Bringing You an Ever Increasing Selection of Products and Services


Mediumship, Spirit Readings and Healing 

With  Medium, Ernest Van Den Bossche


Bonnie Lee's Psychic Mediumship Readings 

Spirit Readings with Bonnie Lee Gibson


Mediumship and Healing Functions 

Book a Special Event in Your Home or Business


Wavelengths Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapists and Clinics 


Bonnie Lee Gibson, Hypnotherapy 

Bonnie Lee Gibson, C H


VanDenBossche Hypnotherapy 

Ernest VanDenBossche


Reiki Healing

 Absentee Healing


Van Den Bossche Jewelry

 Designer Gold and Silver Jewelry

Handmade in Maine                                     Custom Orders Welcome


Cottage on the Ocean for Rent

Temple Heights, Northport Maine


Maine Lobster Traps 

Authentic Lobster Traps for Decorating Your Home Links

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